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5 ways on how to have a Pinterest homeoffice

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Since most of us are still in their homeoffice space, I thought I would share my tips on how to have a great Pinterest look a like homeoffice and which things you could incorporate into your routine. 

Life at home can really suck at the moment, but there are ways to make the time more pleasant and to increase your work productivity. 

5 ways on how to have a great homeoffice

1. Get an ergonomic chair *

5 ways on how to have a great homeoffice


My first tip is, to invest in an ergonomic chair.

My back and neckpain really got under control, after I purchased my chair from ‘Nobelchairs’.

It’s so comfortable. You can adjust it in so many ways.

An ergonomic chair is a real game changer and there is the perfect chair out there for anyone!

2. Have a Great environment to work with *


I would highly recommend on purchasing a stand for your laptop. Also get a second monitor to increase your productivity. Moreover an extra mouse and keyboard will be really useful. Airpods or noise cancelling headphone can also come in handy. 

If you have the money I would recommend splurging on an ergonomic desk which you can adjust the height automatically. Then you can stand up for some hours a day. That will decrease your neck pains. 

5 ways on how to have a great homeoffice

3. Wear comfy clothes


I know, I know.. everybody tells you the advice to keep wearing your ‘normal’ clothes.
But do you really want to wear your business clothes at home? I wouldn’t.
Therefore I highly recommend wearing some leggings and a hoodie to feel comfortable while working all day from home.
There are so many beautiful options to dress comfy and still look somehow put together. 
And if you have a video-call, just change into something more business chic. 

5 ways on how to have a great homeoffice

4. Feel motivated

It’s really important that you stay focused and motivated. I know how easy it is to get distracted by social media, your pets and everything else around. Try to keep pushing through your work and relax afterwards. I made a motivational mirror to keep me motivated, perhaps that is also an idea for you. 

5 ways on how to have a great homeoffice

5. Take breaks and go outside


It’s crucial that you take breaks! Set a reminder on your phone, get up and perhaps spend some time at your backyard to get some fresh air and relax.

I hope that you liked these tips and will them to your homeoffice life. Remember this will for the most of us, be only temporally. 

5 ways on how to have a great homeoffice

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