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5 christmassy things to do in December

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Are you looking for some inspiration on what you could possibly do this December?

In this Blogpost I’m taking you along my favorite things to do this special month in order to get into the Christmas spirit. 

5 christmasy things to do in december

1. Go for walk and look at the Christmas decorations

5 christmasy things to do in december


I highly recommend to leave your home and go for a coffee walk. Find new places in your town, where you’ve never been before. Moreover now is the perfect time, to look at all of the gorgeous Christmas decorations. It’s just so magical to look at all of the lights.

5 christmasy things to do in december

2. Get an advent calendar



You’ll never be too old for an advent calendar! They come in all shapes and sizes. With food, gifts or just with pictures. 



This year I’ve found a calendar from the Glutenfree brand Schär. And I’m really excited to open all of the doors until Christmas. 

3. Buy Christmas presents & wrap them

5 christmasy things to do in december


Supposedly most of you already did the Christmas gift shopping the last days on Blackfriday and Cybermonday. If you haven’t, try to support your local stores and buy gifts in stores. After that, you can try around with different technics to wrap all of your gifts. 

5 christmasy things to do in december

4. Bake some cookies


There is not much to say about this part. Who doesn’t love cookies? You could do your own ones at home and decorate them for fun. It’s an amazing activity to do with kids or even your loved one.

And if you don’t like baking, you can also buy pre made plain cookies with some icing and toppings and decorate them yourself.

5. Decorate your Christmas tree


Always fun, never the same! Nowadays there are so many amazing technics and colors with which you can decorate your Christmas tree. I would always recommend a getting a real Christmas tree. In Germany it’s a thing, to get a real tree and smell the pineneedles. 

Another idea could be, to make your own ornaments with your kids. So they have something special to be excited for Christmas. 

5 christmasy things to do in december

I hope you liked my ideas on christmassy things to do this December!


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