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Hey you ♡ welcome to coffeys.me

I am a 25 year old, who graduated school with a major in fashion design and art. Later on I’ve graduated as a certificated programmer for web development. Therefore I work on a daily basis on websites and with content management systems. 

Right now, I live in Hamburg, Germany and in the past, I’ve lived in the US for some time.

My Vision:

I want to send a message, about how important it is, to look after yourself by working out and by eating the right food. Moreover, I like to share sustainable practices you can incorporate into your life, by thrifting and using cruelty free products which are great for the environment and your body. 

All in all, this blog is a lifestyle blog, which covers various topics what millennials need to know in life. 

I have a passion for interior design and like to share my favorite finds now and then and I suffer from 2 disc prolapses which I like to adress on my Instagram account to motivate others to not give up on themselves. 

I hope to inspire other women and girls, to find the best version of themselves and to create a beautiful life they love with a positive mind set and happy energy.

Why coffeys?

I came up with this name, when I searched for places in Kansas (US), since I went to school there.  So I came across the ‘Coffeys County’, which is named after the Colonel from the US-Armee A.M.Coffeys. It just sounded so simple and beautiful to me. Besides that, my beloved cat from my childhood, was named Coffee. 

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