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How to smell amazing

how to smell amazing
how to smell amazing

smell fiercely feminine

Hello my fellow beauty lovers. 
This post is for every woman and girl, who likes to smell very feminine and sweet. 
I’m a huge believer of smelling decent, everywhere you go, not too strong though! 
For that, I have some great tips and products those work for me and do not so well. 

I don’t really believe in spending much money on shower gels, because the scent washes of pretty fast. Instead I swear on using scented bodylotion’s after every shower. They hydrate your skin and the scent sticks mildly on your skin for a very long time.
I note, that I sleep really well, when I’m covered in scented lotion. 
Here, I listed some of my all time favorite lotions for you. The best stores to purchase fragranced lotions are Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret – in my opinion. 

When it comes to perfumes, the two scents where I got the most compliments from men (were they even asked what the smell was) are La Vie Est Belle from Lancôme and Scandalous by Victoria’s Secret. They smell fiercely feminine and are a great way of smelling lovely for your partner.
Moreover, I highly recommend to own perfume in small bottles, which you can throw in every purse. I always love to freshen up after work, before I start working out at the gym. And a little sprinkle of perfume gives a great motivating kick. 
Just remember a little goes a long way. 

I hope you got some inspiration and perhaps will try it out. 


Disclaimer: Unpaid advertisement – just personal recommendations.