How to look stunning in your wedding pictures
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How to look stunning in your wedding pictures

Wedding season 2020

Hey beautiful ♡

Wedding season 2020 is upon us, it’s different to the prior years, though. However, for the ones who are still getting married this year, I wanted to share some useful tip’s how to look absolutely stunning in your wedding pictures. 

Firstly book a photographer you are comfortable with and with whom you will not get nervous when he shoots pictures of you. My advice for that is, to make sure, that you will be confident in front of a camera lens. Practice makes perfect. Just look straight into a mirror, practice facial expressions and poses. A great way for inspiration is, to look at other wedding pictures, to get inspired how they posed. An easy way to pose is, to have something in your hands, like a small flower bouquet. 

how to look stunning in your wedding pictures

Look like a stunner

My next point is: how you can improve your look. When you want to have a toned body, it’s crucial that you start a workout routine months in advance. You know how they say, ‘summerbodies are made in winter‘?. Moreover to get a nice looking figure is, that you have to stick to a healthy diet – otherwise you will not see the results. Eating clean is so important, it will clean up your skin as well. Moreover, you should book a hairstylist, that you trust and perhaps he or she will test the hairstyle in advance. A make-up artist would be a great option as well, if you want an extra glam. When you are great with doing your own make-up, that’s good as well. Furthermore a mani and pedicure are necessary. My ultimate advice for the ones who are on the pale side is, to book a spray-tan appointment or use your best fake tan. You will look toned, rested and healthy. 
And finally the best tip I can give to you, is to be happy and to spread happiness. ‘Happiness looks gorgeous on you‘ – is one of my favorite sentences. 
Perhaps you could play your favorite music on that day, to really feel yourself. 

I hope that my tip’s were helpful to the future brides out there. 
Remember you are going to marry the love of your life and this is your day to shine. 



how to look stunning in your wedding pictures